Thinking of Selling Your Home?

Our 16-point plan:

  1. Submit your home to our local Multiple Listing Service.
  2. Price your home competitively … to open the market vs. narrowing the market.
  3. Promote your home at our weekly company sales meetings.
  4. Develop professional marketing materials for other Brokers to share with their potential buyers.
  5. Email blast to alert the over 5000 agents in the Naples and Bonita/Eastero marketplace for their potential buyers.
  6. Advise you as to any changes you may want to make in your property to make it more saleable and create more value for potential buyers.
  7. Regularly update you with activity reports and changes in the marketplace that could affect the sale of your home.
  8. Add additional exposure and convenience through site signage and lock-box.
  9. Whenever possible, pre-qualify the prospective buyers.
  10. Keep you aware of the new methods of financing that a buyer might want to use.
  11. When possible, have other agents in the area tour your home.
  12. Follow-up on the salespeople who have shown your home … for their feedback and response.
  13. Assist you in arranging interim financing … if necessary.
  14. Represent you on all offer presentations … in negotiating the best possible price and terms.
  15. Handle all the follow-up upon a contract being accepted … all mortgage, lender, Title Company, survey, and other closing procedures.
  16. Deliver your check at the closing.

Common Questions Sellers Ask

What if another agent said they would list my home for less commission?

  • That may sound great at first, however... If that agent does not have the courage to defend their own worth and the value of their services, how strong could they possibly be defending you and the price you set on your home?  You do want an agent with courage to negotiate the best price for your home, don’t you?
  • Because of the exposure that we give your home via our state-of-the-art buyer lead generation, we are often able to attract more potential buyers creating a more realistic opportunity to negotiate a sale price in your favor.  What this means is at the end of the transaction there can be more money in your pocket.  Can you see why other sellers find this valuable?  Would you like to net more money in the end?

What if another agent says he/she could get me more money?

  • An agent that will list your property for more money, i.e., overprice your home, usually does this just to get your listing.  They assume they can get your listing now, and then start beating you up on the price week after week after week while your home loses valuable equity. Is that what you want?
  • Many agents are afraid to tell you the truth because you may not list with them.  You do want the truth, don’t you?

If we list high, we can always lower the price later…right?

It is understandable that you would like to leave room for negotiating, however, have you considered the problems that this could create for you?

  • Most people will not even bother looking at properties that are priced too high - especially in a “buyers” market.
  • Listing high in a declining market often results in lower sale prices if the home stays on the market for an extended period of time.
  • Buyers may feel a lower offer would insult an owner so they don’t even try.
  • It would be a secret – an agent who works for you cannot say that you would take less for your property - buyers don’t know this and we can’t tell them.
  • The best way to let all buyers know is to list your home at the right price.

Would you rather have multiple offers from which to choose …or … not have the opportunity to negotiate any offers at all?

Won’t we save money by selling it ourselves? (Will you?)

  • According to The National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers: 87% of homes sold involved a Real Estate agent.  Only 9% were sold For Sale by Owner.
  • Do you want to reduce your chances of selling your home to only 9%?  And more important, according to this survey, “the median for-sale-by-owner selling price was 16% lower than homes sold by agents. 
  • You could net more money in your pocket by using a real estate agent…maybe even more by choosing the right agent.